Space agriculture
With the constantly increasing problems of the Earth, the space research is again very attractive activity
The time of the fake products
High inflation creates the perfect environment for the fake products’ sales to blossom. In this regard, Bulgaria is the most vulnerable country in the EU.
You might win by taking a risk, but… you should not loose by such
The best investment places and the best trade techniques during war
Multilayered uncertainty: Strategic guidelines for the next 18 months
We live in times where being 85% ready after three months brings better chance for success than being 100% ready in a year
Can a bank make 2 million Bulgarians believe in a strange job layoff
Tamash Hak Kovach, chairman of the Administrative board and chief executive officer of DSK Bank, in “Made in Green”
Cars are fighting 136 years since the patent
From an individual endeavor to global instrument
China and Russia's war in Ukraine
Many people in different countries around the world are wondering how and why this situation came about
The legitimate lie as a weapon
In the XXI century, we cannot show patient to war. In the end, there are always the scars that cannot be hidden
The great illusion
or how the war in Ukraine will transform the financial world and will impose a new economic order