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Interview with the Hill clinic aesthetic dermatologist Rumyana Kozhuharova

09:00 | 2 септември 2022
Снимка: Hill Clinic
Снимка: Hill Clinic

It's no secret that appearance plays an extremely important role in the corporate world. To exude freshness, health and confidence is almost as important to how you are perceived as your professional resume. It is no coincidence that in recent years many ladies and gentlemen have resorted to the non-invasive methods of aesthetic dermatology. They are looking for rejuvenation and correction of various skin defects, they want a professional opinion and a long-term program for their appearance. They usually choose the most prestigious clinics and the most famous names among aesthetic doctors, because they want to save themselves wandering and mistakes in the selection of procedures. They believe that investing in your own face and hair is not a matter of compromise. That's why we turned to one of the best dermatologists in our country to ask her the questions you'd like to know the answer to.

Dr. Kozhuharova, what are the problems that people who have turned to you would like to get rid of?

Depending on the age, we can divide them in few large categories - acne and problem skin in young people, wrinkles, age spots and broken capillaries in middle age and sagging skin, facial contour distortion and hair loss in people over 50. Modern medicine has excellent solution for each of these imperfections. At Hill Clinic we have as modern techniques /lasers and radio frequency devices/ as also the best products on the market /fillers, mesotherapeutic cocktails, botox, lifting threads, enzyme therapies/.
What are the three procedures you most often apply and which you consider universal?
Undoubtedly, there are universally applicable and proven effective therapies for both men and women. If I had to choose 3, they would be Botox to remove mimic wrinkles, mesotherapy to refresh and hydrate the skin, and hair fillers, which I use for severe hair loss. When it comes to just the ladies, hyaluronic and collagen-stimulating fillers are a favourite. Their role is mainly to create volume - in the lips, in hollows under the eyes, in the area of the cheekbones, to create a pronounced jaw line, to correct the chin.

Hill Clinic is known as the first and largest Center for mesothreads and threads with a lifting effect in Bulgaria. What is the interest in this procedure?
Threads are extremely popular right now. They give a result similar to that of an operative facelift, but without the unwanted side effects of surgery. Most of my patients suitable for threading are over 40 years of age and are active people who want a quick recovery from therapy. The areas treated with sutures visibly tighten, have improved elasticity and turgor, are transformed, but without drastically changing the original structure. They return the V-shaped shape of the face and erase wrinkles. The best thing is that this effect is achieved literally in minutes, in an outpatient setting, and immediately after placing the sutures you can return to your usual activities.

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