China and Russia's war in Ukraine
Many people in different countries around the world are wondering how and why this situation came about
The legitimate lie as a weapon
In the XXI century, we cannot show patient to war. In the end, there are always the scars that cannot be hidden
The great illusion
or how the war in Ukraine will transform the financial world and will impose a new economic order
Expecting next Mark Rich
Raw materials markets provide the perfect situation for “shady deals”
The (un) liberal end of history
Two scenarios for the development of the world after the end of the war in Ukraine: the transition to a bipolar model will finally be over, and the United States and Europe must rethink the legacy of realism to win this Cold War
Jacek Olczak: The support for less harmful alternatives of smoking is growing
Ignoring science and innovation could hinder progress for a better society, says also the Chief Executive Officer of Philip Morris International
Between the Ukrainian Scylla and Russian Charybdis
In political aspect Ankara is trying to balance between both Kyiv and Moscow
The war virus hit the tourism industry
There will be harmful and long-term consequences
Sir Ken Robinson bequeathed us a great legacy for the world education