China will grow old before it gets rich
By the end of the century, the Chinese will be less than 500 million people - three times less than now
The New Race: The Overhuman in search of meaning
We are a few months (probably) away from witnessing a new era in human civilization
All for sale
The past year turned out to be one of the worst in terms of stock and bond performance
A world with temperature: the conflicts of 2023
The world is decomposing, break down into its components, in which various tribalisms are in conflict and fighting.
Turkey faces a choice
According to Erdogan, the country should be at the center of the new world order, using all the possibilities of the changing global political and economic architecture
The chances for Bulgaria
Where will Sofia position itself after the transition from a unipolar to a bipolar world is over?
In expectance of volatility
The restrictions imposed on Russian oil could send markets into a turbulent start of the year
In search for the fish
For the past 10 years, seafood has established itself as the most traded animal protein globally
Farewell to low prices
The natural environment and economic development are the new fundamentals of inflation