The Magnitsky Effect
Why Washington's imposition of sanctions against corrupt Bulgarians should be a cause not for panic but for political sobering
How an Asian century becomes Indian
For many years, Asia's rise rested on China and its positioning at the center of the global economy and politics. This picture is about to change.
The truth is in wine...  and in the new markets
Love, passion, history, and... business. It's all in the Wine. It is a tradition in almost every country in the world. In Bulgaria, it has become an integral part of our national psychology.
Debt – the constant game of cat and mouse
In its intimate essence, debt is a transfer of power
Fewer new planes and higher prices
The post-pandemic boom of demand is so strong that the airlines are struggling to respond with the available fleet and crew
The Eagle and the Dragon in high-tech battle
So far, the US leads China 4 to 3 in the race for supremacy in the development of artificial intelligence
Beware! Climate risks
2023 seems to be a year of challenges for which we must prepare adequately and in time.
The pure image of the dirty fashion
Where is the fine line of morality in the world of fashion?
Guaranteed investments and quality of services at an affordable price
Public-private partnership between Municipality of Sofia and Veolia brings benefit for Sofia residents