How real can reality be
According to the philosophical term, reality is a set of existing objects and phenomena (physical reality) that are concrete, definite and definable, outside of subjective perception. And where is man's place in his reality?
Is France a superpower?
French politics should always be guided by a prudent element of realism in order to be successful
Make investment in Central Asia-stan
What are for us, Bulgarians, the popularly called "stan countries" and how does Bulgarian business perceive this region of the world as a potential place for business and investment? There is not a single answer to this question
How will German-Russian relations develop after the end of the Merkel Age?
A few weeks ago, both Germany and Russia went through parliamentary elections, and energy shocks followed only several days later
When the market is in euphoria, pragmatism is lacking - why does this happen?
First a little theory and pragmatism. What does influence the real estate market? Naturally - supply and demand. But what does really determine supply and demand?
The wonders of the digital health
Future devices could even take biopsy samples for further analysis, while remote-controlled capsules could make the prospect of nanosurgeons a reality.
We have a major investment ahead of us in Bulgaria
Interview with Dr. Wolf Harlfinger, CEO of Kaolin, about the future plans of the German group Quarzwerke, the construction of the most modern and efficient kaolin and silica sand processing plant in Europe and the attractiveness of Bulgaria for investors
Farewell, my lovely
Are we approaching a time when owning a car will be unattainable for most Europeans? 10 factors that push us there
Meat from a tube
Welcome to the world of artificial proteins, three-dimensional printed packs, and self-growing bacon