ИНДИЯ – следващата глобална суперсила
За пръв път в модерната човешка история, имаме шанс да видим възхода на глобална суперсила, която ще израсне и ще съществува на принципа „Без война“
Inflation: The rich will become poorer
The rich people will lose a lot of money because interest rates will go steadily down according to Charles Goodhart
Debt as a blessing
Or a tool to accelerate the economic growth
INDIA – the next global superpower
For the first time in modern human history, we have the chance to see the rise of a global superpower, which will grow and exist on the “No War” principle
Руската специална енергийна операция срещу ЕС
Макар, че за момента отчита тактически успех, в дългосрочен план Москва ще загуби газовата война
Russia's special energy operation against the EU
Although it is a tactical success for now, in the long run Moscow will lose the gas war
Threads from the future
The world must mandatory search for new threads with which to weave its own sustainable development
Wet zones for millions
The national plan for preserving some of the most important natural territories expires this year
How will the war in Ukraine end?
Four scenarios and a great hope that there will be no global nuclear Armageddon