What is the trendiest treatment of enlarged prostate?

The laser bloodlessly removes the prostate gland, thousands of patients have been cured at the Hill Clinic

09:00 | 30 септември 2022
What is the trendiest treatment of enlarged prostate?

Large part of men over 50 suffer from difficulty in urinating. The condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia and greatly reduces the quality of life of those affected by it. Over time, if left untreated, BPH can damage the bladder or kidneys. Experienced urologists from Hill Clinic Dr. Sancha, Dr. Botsevski, Dr. Georgiev have been known for a long time as the team that performed the most laser operations of the prostate in Bulgaria. Their perfect work ranks them amongst the most active and successful laser urology teams in Europe as well. Of course, they also have very modern equipment - lasers for bloodless and painless removal of the gland.

One of the biggest advantages of the clinic is that the operations are performed under the supervision of Dr. Fernando Sancha. He is a brilliant Spanish surgeon, worldwide trainer in the Green Laser enucleation method.

Hill Clinic doctors consult hundreds of men with urological problems every week. Their schedules are full of patients seeking help for difficulties in urinating and frequent night wakings.

Dr. Georgi Georgiev, urologist: ‘I make laser operations and without the need for full anesthesia, during the manipulation the men are conscious and, if they wish, they can watch on the screen how the laser beam works. The methods I use ensure bloodlessness, preserve erection and continence. Recovery is fast, they are going back home on the next day.”

Some men have accompanying diseases. Many have even gone so far as to have a catheter, which hinders their self-esteem and ability to work.

"I live a second life! I have no words to explain how bad I was because of the enlarged prostate: both my kidneys were almost non-functioning, my creatinine was around 900, and I had to start hemodialysis. At the Hill Clinic, they removed my prostate bloodlessly with a laser, broke up the stone with a laser, there was no pain, there was no problem. All at once. My kidneys are now working, I removed the catheter, I am urinating well and I feel healthy and younger.” happily says the patient, Mr. Vasil Stoyanov

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